World Enterprises is a leading Pakistan based firm deal in Minerals and Refractory products.

We provide refractory solutions which enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your manufacturing procedures across many industrieslike Petro Chemical /Oil, Power, Cement/Mineral, Glass/Ceramics and Fertilizers.

We represents KSA based company which deal in INSULATION & REFRACTORY PRODUCTS and which produces all these following castables at their plant at Saudi Arabia under the license of top companies of UK & USA and offers technical solutions through the technical minds in the world all Refractory Products are available readily in Saudi Arabia and can be imported any time.


Dense Castables

Greencast-94 - It is very high temperature dense refractory castable material & can be used up to the maximum temperature limit of 1870 Deg. C. It is used in the burners, flairs & pre-casting works etc.

94% Alumina Castable

It is a dense 97% tabular alumina hydraulic setting castable, suitable for temperatures up to 1870°C in oxidizing atmospheres. It has good mechanical strength. High chemical purity confers excellent resistance to chemical attack.


It is medium dense Refractory Castable material. The maximum service temperature of this material is 1650 Deg. C. It is used in the Boilers, Burners, Heaters & the pre-casting works.


Lo-Abrade is an hydraulically bonded castable refractory suitable for temperatures up to 1425°C, it has excellent resistance to abrasion and/or erosion and also contains low iron, making it particularly good for use in specialized atmosphere furnaces.

High Temperature Gunning

It is also medium dense Refractory Gunning Castable material. The maximum service temperature of this material is 1600 Deg. C. It is used in the Boilers, Burners, Heaters etc.


It is also medium dense Refractory Castable material. The maximum service temperature of the material is 1425 Deg. C. It is used in the boilers for toweling and casting in thin sections.

Light Weight Insulating Castable Materials

LW-22 is a lightweight hydraulic bonded refractory suitable for use up to 1200°C. It can be cast or gunned. LW-22 is recommended for oil stills and heaters, lightweight panel construction, flue and duct linings. It can be used as a complete monolithic lining or as a backup material.


VSL 50 is a hydraulic setting, low iron, insulating refractory which can be installed by both casting and gunning techniques. Petrochemical Industry: Back up linings for Secondary Reformer and transfer lines. Lining for Catalytic Reformers, Catofin reactors and Heaters.

Greenlite-45 LG

Greenlite 45L G is a 1370°C insulating refractory for application by gunning techniques. It is hydraulically bonded and exhibits an excellent strength to density ratio. Greenlite 45L G is ideal for fluid catalytic cracking units, fluid coking units and other industrial linings requiring good strength and insulating properties.

Kast-O-Lite -25

Kast-O-Lite 25 is an Insulating, Hydraulic Bonded Refractory suitable for use up to 1370°C. It may be cast or gunned. It is used for the lining of SRU Thermal Reactors, Condenser, WHB, flue gas duct & stack lining work.

Kast-O-Lite -30 LI/LIG

Kast-O-Lite 30 LI is a high alumina, lightweight insulating castable. It has a hydraulic set and is suitable for use up to 1650°C. It can be used as both a hot face and back-up lining. Typical applications for Kast-O-Lite 30 LI are aluminum furnace stacks, aluminum holding furnace doors, rehea furnace discharge doors, carbon black furnace back-up linings, petro-chem heaters, sulphur recovery unit back-up linings and air heaters.

Ceramic Fiber Module Materials

Our principal firm is also licensee of JT Thorpe USA for manufacturing of the Ceramic Fiber modules for different grade & density in Pakistan. It is used for the heaters & reformers walls lining up to


Following companies are our buyers of refractory products.

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